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Love is Immortal

Roses are Red, Sky is Blue And P.S I Love you With Love Birds Singing to the tunes of such Romantic Lines, and Love is on air. The Blossoming of hearts and a Smile on faces I Just have a very beautiful story to share.. I was Walking back home other day and I noticed a strange thing. A … Continue reading
भूरि बाई

Mahatma Bhuri Bai (नाथद्वारा की संत, जिनके यहाँ ओशो ने छह माह प्रवास किया )

Bhuri Bai was born in a family of Woodworkers. She got married and widowed at an early age. In those days widows were looked down with hatred in the society and it was considered a sin to see the face of a widow. After the demise of her husband Bhuri Bai tried to uplift her life by gaining … Continue reading