The Spiritual Touch

Avdeshanand Giri Ji

SWAMI AVDHESHANAND GIRI MAHARAJ is a blessed name among truth seekers synonymous with spiritual heights.Those who are desirous of God’s grace find this name the right ladder to God-realisation. It betokens self awareness and continuous celebration of the Supereme Bliss of life.Acharya Avdheshanand Giriji Maharaj
Swamiji leads his diciples to the path ofpeace and salvation, weaning them away

from the worldly delusions.His name, his person and his preachings symbolise the most sacred love, the most sublime wisdom in which is the seed of “Bhagwad Tatva” (Essence of Eternity).

Born in the early hours of a Kartik Purnima, in a high caste brahmin family, Swamiji spent most of his early years in the Himalayas as a hermit. He belongs to the long and exalted tradition of sages born in our country who have been influencing and inspiring millions of people with their extraordinary personality and truely religious truthful and noble living. He is not only an ever smiling, calm-and simple looking Sanyasi (Saint) but also the highest possibility of spirituality and a beacon of light born of long penance. A tall healthy body, broad forehead, shining face, long arms, fair complexion, child-

like heart, an adolascent’s blooming eyes, a young person’s sharp intellect and a deep serious and mature thinking of ages is in short his personality.

Swamiji has attracted a large number of intellectuals, teachers and social workers and has motivated them to work for the promotion of human rights, moral values, social harmony and social discipline. He has launched many projects to render service to the poor students and the elderly. His mission is a unique mission – to link spirituality with social responcibility. He has made people socially more responsible towards others, better citizens and happily tolerent.His spirituality is thus not only confined to the private efforts of an individual. He has been preparing a generation of spiritually awakened people who contribute positively to make the world a place where all can live together peacefully and where strife, tension, evil, unequality and intolerence does not exist. Thus Swamiji is a Spiritual Reformer and Spiritual Pacifist.

The saints of the Hindu Samaj (Society) and a leading organisation of millions of sadhus, the SRIPANCHDASNAAM JUNA AKHADA had designated him as PRIME SAINT in 1998 at the Haridwar Maha Kumbh. He has then been appointed as ACHARYA MAHAMANDLESHWAR i.e. the leader of all the saints of Sri panchdasham Juna Akhada. As the Acharya Mahamandleshwar of the Akhada, Swamiji is incharge of various Ashrams situated at Haridwar, Varansi and Baroda.


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