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With Love Birds Singing to the tunes of such Romantic Lines, and Love is on air. The Blossoming of hearts and a Smile on faces I Just have a very beautiful story to share.. I was Walking back home other day and I noticed a strange thing. A Couple aged 70 approx. were sitting on the crooky chairs with Luggage kept aside on one side of the chair. The Consecutive day I saw the Couple holding hands and sitting in the same dilapidated chair, and the next day the same story and the story continued for several months. I could not help but ask them “Sir, I see you and your wife waiting here every day. Are you waiting for someone?” The old man Replied In a shaky voice that they were waiting for their son who abandoned them. On asking further I discovered it was due to the very petty reason that the son’s beautiful newly married wife has asked her husband who was blind folded in Love.

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Few days later on a February night, I could see the old lady trembling in the cold.. Covered in her worn out sari and old shawl she was coughing badly. I took her to Doctor and she was under medication. I offered her to stay at my place but she refused saying that she and her husband are waiting for their beloved son and with Love and conviction in her eyes she said “I know my son will come tomorrow, it’s his birthday, He has always come to me to seek blessing on his birthday morning.” I was hoping in my heart that their son does come. I went eagerly next morning to the bus stand and I was perplexed to see the crowd around. Figitating with the crowd I entered the front. I was in tears, my heart Broke, and I was cursing society for being Inhuman. You will not believe what I saw. The Old Lady died out of terrible bronchitis that lead to nonstop terrible coughing in the night and the old man left a letter that read as follows “Dear Son, I and your Mother Love you dearly. Your Mother died and I waited for you but you never came, So I went along with her. May God Bless you and your wife”.. Wrapped in that torn sari laid that old woman’s body beside which the old man laid rested in peace and the cold blood still oozing out of his wrist.. It was 14th February, Couples around, Proposing each other, spending quality time with each other wherein on the other hand laid this couple who dies in hope that their son would return some day.

Moral: Do not let Humanity die. As H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says ““That which you cannot express is Love. That which you cannot reject/renounce is Beauty. That which you cannot avoid is the Truth.”


Guest Article by: Nittya Balodia


  1. Gourav Choudhary

    Very nicely written Nittya :) Points out what is more important in our life; Relationship with parents or Relationship with Money.


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