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Mahatma Bhuri Bai (नाथद्वारा की संत, जिनके यहाँ ओशो ने छह माह प्रवास किया )


भूरि बाई

Bhuri Bai was born in a family of Woodworkers. She got married and widowed at an early age. In those days widows were looked down with hatred in the society and it was considered a sin to see the face of a widow.

After the demise of her husband Bhuri Bai tried to uplift her life by gaining some education and adopted her late husband’s art of painting but she didn’t enjoyed it a lot. She started to read religious books and seeked others help in understanding them. Gradually she comprehended and realized the true meaning of the Religious Books.

As she lived in Nathdwara a town of spirituality, religion and sages she enjoyed the company of many sages, Bhajans and discourses helped her heal her wounded heart and mind.

In this way she uplifted her life by reading and listening to religious and spiritual literature, listening to spiritual songs/bhajans and by discourses.

They showered and filled her heart with compassion, kindliness and love. Such a heart is always a place resided by almighty.

One day she happened to meet a great soul who taught her Bhastrika Pranayam. Bhuri Bai started practicing it for 3-4 hours a day. As the time passed hours turned into days and she remained in this high spiritual state without any desire or need for food, water or other material thing. As a result her fame reached near and far. Many common and uncommon people like the Acharya Rajneesh (OSHO) also visited her and quoted “बाई ने बिना शास्त्र पढ़े ही सत्य को जान लिया है ” Bai has realized the Truth without reading the Shastras.

It is believed that after starting spiritual practice Mahatma Bhuri Bai was enlightened in the year of 1927 and she realized the true self. She became a great devotee many religious people from all religions came to visit her this included Sufi Saint “Chalfir Shah” of Chittaurgarh, “Diwan Shah” from Kapasan and Yogini “Nuri” Bai.

All the visitors were offered meals whenever they visited her.

She was also fond of animals and loved them a lot. She fed and took care of many cows and dogs, she used to keep an intelligent dog named “Ramesh” it was always by her side and never created any problem for the visitors.

Yoga was taught to bai by Saint Chatur Singh ji, it was him who directed her on the holy path of devotion.

She visited Saint Chatur Singh ji and Saint Ram Singh ji at Udaipur and Kelwa respectively very often. These two also went down to the small town of  Nathdwara to visit her.

She had a very good heart and always conversed in Mewari Language. She pilgrim all the four shrines of Hindu Religious importance, doing spiritual practice, serving sages and saints, practicing yoga and listening to bhajans were her main activities.

On the outside walls of her home was written the word “चुप” “Silence”.

Which means don’t talk unnecessarily. Many people asked her out of curiosity what she meant by “Chup” “Silence.” She told them to ask this question to Saint Ram Singh Ji Kelwa. He replied:-

चुप साधन चुप साध्य है, चुप चुप माहि समाय.

चुप समज्या री समझ है, समज्या चुप व्हे जाय.

In her last days her body swelled and she fall ill. Many devotees asked her for getting treated but she replied after all one has to go so no need for treatment. She united with the almighty on the Seventh Tithi of Vaishakh month of Vikram Samvat 2036. (curtsy:

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