Mahatma Bhuri Bai (नाथद्वारा की संत, जिनके यहाँ ओशो ने छह माह प्रवास किया )

Bhuri Bai was born in a family of Woodworkers. She got married and widowed at an early age. In those days widows were looked down with hatred in the society and it was considered a sin to see the face of a widow. After the demise of her husband Bhuri Bai tried to uplift her life by gaining … Continue reading

संत नारायणदास महाराज का जन्मदिवस आज, वीआईपी समेत शिष्यों का लगा तांता

समूचे राजस्थान के पूजनीय संत नारायण दास जी महाराज का जन्म दिवस अश्विनी माह के कृष्ण पक्ष की सप्तमी यानी आज … Continue reading